Advanced statistics for Drupal: most viewed nodes in a week, month, ...

I think most of the Drupal developers know the Statistics module, which makes part of the Core of D6. It basically logs access statistics for your site. Every time a node is viewed, a counter gets updated. This counter value is stored in the node_counter table, and gets reset each day at 00 AM.

If we want to know, "the most viewed" nodes in the last week, month, etc, etc, ... simply this could be done by setting appropriate Node statistic filter.

Edit your created view, and add "Node statistics" filter. In this filter, select 'Most recent view' option. So now suppose, we want to display most viewed posts from last 14days, we will set filter as "Node statistics: Most recent view > -14 days", where -14 days is your required offset value. No custom coding needed.. :)